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Thank you for visiting our website. BCplus is a German consultancy that successfully combines intelligence and creativity together with high engineering skills. With this website, we would like to introduce ourselves and give you an overview of our consulting work and our customers. So this website is also supposed to arouse professional interest in the reader and in establishing a successful business relationship.



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Our Services

  • Project/Team Management
  • Coaching
  • Software Architectures
    • SOA
    • MDA
  • Development Processes
    • MDD
    • MDI
  • Methodology
    • Definition
    • Adaption
    • Training
  • Implementation

Consulting Services

We are passionate IT consultants. We bring in our experience and our professional skills with the objective to create optimal and future-proof business solutions that perfectly fit our customers needs. >more


We like to share our knowledge and experience. This is why we get involved with diverse consortia and Open Source Projects. In the publications section you will find interesting articles about our work and other new software development techniques. >more

Questions and Proposals

Questions and proposals are always appreciated. If you have any question or if you would like to have more information to a specific subject, please feel free to contact us.

Consultants wanted?
If you have a position available or if you need some temporary support in your current IT project, please feel free to contact us.


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Contact information:
Helmut Oltrogge
Phone +49 (5721) 92 55 10
E-Mail: helmut.oltrogge@bcplus.net

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