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Consulting Services

Our consulting services include the following roles and domains:

  • Project and Team Leadership, Coaching
    • Project management and controlling
    • Project/team member selection and management
    • Moderation and conflict management
  • Software Architectures
    • Host- and Client-Server-Architectures, Application Frameworks
    • Distributed Software Architectures based on J2EE
    • Model-Driven Architectures (MDA)
    • Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA)
    • Model-Driven Migration and Integration (EAI/MDI)
    • Integration of Workflow Management Systems
    • Technology and Tool Selection
  • Processes and Methodology
    • Adaption and Optimization of Software Development Models
    • Model-Driven Development (MDD)
    • Development of Guidelines (e.g. UML Modeling, Refactoring)
    • Business Process Analysis and Design
    • Requirements Engineering
    • Quality Management
  • Realization/Implementation

For more detailed information, please request our profile. Unless otherwise agreed, we usually do our consulting work on our customers site.


Our partially long lasting constituency includes companies like:

For a detailed description of our roles and functions within the respective customer project, please request our project description.

Terms and Conditions

We work on the basis of service agreements at rates that are negotiable.

Consultants wanted?
If you have a position available or if you need some temporary support in your current IT project, please feel free to contact us.


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Contact information:
Helmut Oltrogge
Phone +49 (5721) 92 55 10
E-Mail: helmut.oltrogge@bcplus.net

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